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The Story of the Catamaran ARIKI

To choose a boat is no picnic. There are many questions and the choice depends on several things, the aim and the area of sailing included. A boat should be easy to carry around, it should not sink too deep, there should be a lot of space on the deck, it has to be fast and of course it has to be low-cost and easy to maintain. That can only be a sailing catamaran!

The other day I was sitting at the end of a dock in the town of Izola watching boats sailing by thinking how it is all about three primal wishes: luxury, speed and low price. I was thinking how to join all of them and I was comparing boats along themselves. A luxurious and fast boat costs a lot of money. A luxurious and cheap one is usually an old fart that gets you nowhere and there are high costs included and unforeseen.


The one of my dream was to build a sailing catamaran.

Tiki 26 Building Time and Costs

The whole process of building took us six months, approximately 2000 work hours. We spend about 15k to empty and 25k to full equiped boat. Not cheap and also not expensive.

The most I was wondering how can an amateur that knows nothing about building boats can build a DIY catamaran. Probably it was because of this question that the majority never thinks of DIY. Well, it was not difficult, I just started and somehow it went. It took us 6 months to build the catamaran. Several old friends and new ones helped us a great deal.
My family, neighbors and several friends helped me to build the catamaran. It would not be finished so soon and that smoothly without them.

Matjaz Chvatal
ARIKI's Skipper

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