Catamaran ARIKI

The story of the quick 180 days backyard building and many years cruising Wharram sailing catamaran Tiki 26.

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Awaiting for the calmness
Awaiting for the calmness - This one article about me was published in the biggest Slovenian newspaper DELO. Written by jurnalist[...]
Catamaran Tiki 26 – New Lifestyle
Catamaran Tiki 26 – New Lifestyle. I hadn’t truly developed an interest in sailboats until I was a young adult.[...]
Sailing Adriatic Sea Slovenia Croatia Montenegro Albania
My stops down South In Istra, Kvarner and Dalmacija: Umag, Rovinj, Veruda, Susak, Mali Lošinj, Unije, Veruda, Susak, Mali Lošinj,[...]
Catamaran ARIKI Underwater Hull Modification
Catamaran ARIKI Underwater Hull Modification. Already in July, when Ariki came into water, we could not balance it. So in[...]
Catamaran Tiki 26 Sailing 1000 Miles of the Adriatic Sea
Catamaran Tiki 26 Sailing 1000 Miles of the Adriatic Sea Izola – Brindisi Catamaran Tiki 26 Sailing 1000 Miles of[...]
Wharram Catamaran Tiki 26 First Sailing
Wharram Catamaran Tiki 26 First Sailing. The old outboard motor Tomos 4 roaring, Ariki gliding from the bay with its[...]
The Catamaran got it’s name: ARIKI
Catamaran got it’s name: ARIKI. Time and place: Yachting center in the Izola shipyard, July and August 2004 In the Yachting[...]
Tiki26 Assembling & Fitting
Tiki26 Assembling & Fitting. In the beginning of July catamaran was brought to Yachting center in Izola. It took us 6[...]
Matjaz Chvatal

About the Author

A few years ago he made his childhood dreams come true. After he single-handedly built his own wooden house somewhere in beautiful Slovenian Alps, he started building his own boat. He named it catamaran ARIKI, which in Polynesian means a chieftain. Himself and his crew get enough opportunity to enjoy themselves. He loves the calmness at the sea.

Wonderful work on the boat building and videos of the sailing. Happy to see more people to join the DIY boat. Life is short, make the best of it without hurting others plus it's also an contribution to human experiences.:) You are one of the most "richest" people on earth---owner of the sea.

Nelson Gardner
Shane Melaugh

I don't know you but I love you for never give up! You inspayer me and I want to build my katamaran to!
I love your series of videos. I certainly appreciate you sharing them. The music is very hypnotic & goes very well with the video. Thank you.

Shay Ben-Shamuel
Shane Melaugh

Incredible, astonishing, thanks for sharing your video and experience to others. I have never sailed before but now I have seen thousands of sailing videos and I want to live the experience. I will find the way to try to do, what you have done.

Adolfo Arrieta
Jane Smith

You have done a great job on your sailing documentary and sailing on a great boat you built yourselves. I have really enjoyed the simple life you have found on your travels, please keep them coming.

David Gibson
Jane Smith

Totally love it you guys, thanks you also just broadened your children's lifes horizon's and changed them for all the better for all of there life's and let them see anything is posible amazing cook loved the story that goes with your boat building.

Donald Harvey
Jane Smith