Matjaz Chvatal


Matjaz Chvatal - Writer, Photographer and Publisher

Since 1994 he's been a  tourist guide author and designer. Ever since March 1997, when he and his life partner founded a family business Turistika Publishing, his main focus was production of tourist guides on Slovenia in different foreign languages.


The story of the quick 180 days backyard building and many years cruising sailing catamaran.


Main focus of the published work is presenting Slovenia with all the natural, cultural and historical values. 



Matjaž Chvatal about himself

I wa born May 1st 1960. My childhood is long forgotten for me. I only vaguely remember my first grade in elementary school, children and other events elude my memory. But the books I had read and studied, I remember those as if I read them yesterday.

Even back then, when I was only 12 years old, I had a few articles published in TIM, a periodical for pupils. In 1979 the Gorenjski Glas newspaper published my short story about exploration of cave Brezno pri Leški planini at Jelovica (Slovenia). Their readers were very fond of it, so I was asked to keep on writing about it. That's how the 27 part feuilleton was created. Later on I published the same articles in a book called Chasm (Brezno).



During that year I played the Go game and explored the caves. In order for some change to find its way into my pocket, I started writing about caving for two Slovenian newspapers, Delo's sport section and Gorenjski glas. At times I also managed to sell a longer article.

My ten years long creative void followed. Many people said to me that one cannot make a living writing books in Slovenia. And I was naive enough to believe them. I dabbled in this and that, I tried many handicrafts. It's not that I wasn't successful, I just didn't see myself in those ventures. Years went by, and I became more and more miserable with each and every one of them.

So I went back to what I loved doing. In 1994 my first tourist guide was published and a year after that, another one... Since then I'm walking my own creative path with no intention to stray off of it again. What I am today, what I'm doing, is exactly what I wanted to become when I was a child.



Awaiting for the calmness

This one article about me was published in the biggest Slovenian newspaper DELO. Written by jurnalist Urska Kriselj GRUBAR. Here she wrote:

"He’s leaving me hungry in all the questions I raise. I try to knit a story out of his I-do-not-knows, maybes and other might-bes. I’m trying to voice it out loud. My selection of words to define who he is, he does not find agreeable. He prefers to descent into an argument with me than be labeled and placed in a box. Even through our joint effort we cannot find the words to define him. Who is he? Why is he so different? ,

Turistika Publishing is a specialized publishing house. Ever since the establishment, its publishing program has predominantly been the tourist literature. Main focus of the published work is presenting Slovenia with all the natural, cultural and historical values. Our tourist guides are primarily meant for foreigners, people who only started to get to know Slovenia and its people, that's why all our guides can be found in many foreign languages. 

A few years ago he made his childhood dreams come true. After he single-handedly built his own wooden house somewhere in beautiful Slovenian Alps, he started building his own boat. He named it catamaran ARIKI, which in Polynesian means a chieftain. Himself and his crew get enough opportunity to enjoy themselves. He loves the calmness at the sea.