Wharram Catamaran Tiki 26 First Sailing


Wharram Catamaran Tiki 26 First Sailing. The old outboard motor Tomos 4 roaring, Ariki gliding from the bay with its 5 knots per hour. The wind for a good 3, almost no waves. Afterwards we lift the main sail and we tighten it. The wind blowing and makes the catamaran glide on. The foot of the motor rises from water. The propeller is searching for wind but the foot is not pushed back into water. I turn it off. The jib is pulled to the mast and we sail into the open.

Wharram Catamaran Tiki 26 First Sailing

In the following days we were wandering along the Slovenian shore. We had our first storm in the unprotected Strunjan. We had fun in Trieste, we sailed to Grado and wandered across the lagoon. On our way back, only a couple of miles from Izola, a storm caught us and hit into full sails. The last days we sailed with a great speed and in the sea behind Ariki there were traces of foam. In the next 15 minutes, in a heavy shower, we set foot in the dock of Izola.

 Tiki 26 – Technical data

Length owerall: 8 m
Beam: 4,60 m
Draft: 0,60 m
Weight: 800 kg
Capacity: 700 kg
4 beds in 2 cabins
Motor: Outboard 9,8 KS
Sails: 25,5 m2 – Main (15,5 m2), Jib (10 m2), Storm jib (1,8 m2)

Wharram Catamaran Tiki 26 First Sailing

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